Zebco Expert 6ft 10in Telescopic Rod and Qunhai ST2000 Reel


This rod and reel combination is ideal for anglers looking to fish with lures and spinners around the UK. It combines a Zebco Expert rod with a Qunhai ST2000 spinning reel. The telescopic rod comes in orange/yellow colour and is 6ft 10in ft long and is rated to cast lures between 20 – 50 grams. The rod collapses to just 55cm (approx. 22 inches), making it easy to store and transport. The Qunhai ST2000 reel has eight ball bearing construction and a fast retrieval ratio of 5.1:1. This reel is also supplied pre-filled with monofilament line. This combination is a great choice for anglers wanting a simple yet capable rod, reel and line combination for lure fishing around the UK.

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Additional Details

Zebco Expert 6ft 10in Telescopic Rod

  • Length:
    • Extended: 6ft 10in (210 cm)
    • Collapsed: approx. 22 inches (55cm)
  • Sections: One
  • Rings: 5
  • Design: Telescopic
  • Casting weight: 20 – 50 grams (approx. ¾oz-1¾oz)

Qunhai ST2000 Spinning Reel

  • Drag: Front
  • Ball bearings: 8
  • Retrieval ratio: 5.1:1
  • Spare spool included: No
  • Line included: Yes
  • Other features: Ambidextrous handle, line clip.