WSB Overshadow 8000 Beachcasting Reel


The WSB Overshadow 8000 is a large full-sized fixed spool reel which is designed to be used with fishing rods which are 12ft or longer. It can be used for beach, pier or mixed ground fishing. This reel features two ball bearing construction, ambidextrous handle, powerful front drag and has a 4.1:1 retrieval ratio.

This fixed spool reel is ideal for anglers needing a reel which can handle a range of different fishing situations. When paired with a beachcasting rod it can reach good casting distances. It comes pre-spooled with 15lb monofilament line.

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Additional Details

  • Drag: Front
  • Ball bearings: 2
  • Retrieval ratio: 4.1:1
  • Spare spool included: No
  • Line capacity: 300 yds of 20lb line / 250 yds of 25lb line / 200 yds of 30lb line
  • Line included: Yes (15lb mono)
  • Other features: line clip, ambidextrous handle, oscillating line system