Treble Hook Guards


These Hook Guards are used to cover the treble hooks fitted to spinners, plugs and other lures. Using these guards allow lures to be transported and handled without spiking fingers or tangling together. Made out of hard wearing plastic these hook guards are reusable and will be especially useful for anglers who carry a large number of lures when fishing for species such as bass.

Sold in packets of five hook guards in five different sizes. Please see below for sizing information and the secondary image for exact dimensions.

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Additional Details

Size to fit treble hook size (approx)
Size A (largest) #1 – 1/0
Size B #2
Size C #4
Size D #6
Size E (smallest) #8 – #10

Please note that most mackerel spinners used by UK anglers have treble hooks size #4 or #6 fitted, meaning that hook guards size C or size D will be the correct size for this type of lure, but please check exact size (on the secondary picture) before purchasing.