Trace Builder Diamond Eye Rolling Swivels


General purpose rolling swivels for rig making which have a diamond eye. These swivels are made out of nickel and have a silver appearance. Available in sizes 1, 4, 6 and 8.

Size 1 (large) are designed to be used as the connecting swivel at the top of rigs, size 4 (medium) can be used as heavy hooklength swivels, while size 6 (small) are designed as a general purpose swivel to connect hooklengths to a rig body. Size 8 are designed for very light rigs, such as those used for LRF (Light Rock Fishing).

Supplied in packets of 12.

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Additional Details

Dimensions (length):

• Large – 17mm
• Medium – 14mm
• Small – 12mm
• X-small – 9mm