Trace Builder 3-Way Swivels


These strong and reliable three-way swivels from Trace Builder are available in four sizes. Size 1 are large and designed for heavy shore or boat work for large, hard-fighting species such as conger eels, while the medium and smaller size 6 and size 8 are for general shore and lure fishing. The extra small size 10 can be used for light lure fishing and bait fishing with light gear in sheltered locations such as estuaries and coves. Size 1, 6 and 8 are sold in packets of ten, while size 10 are sold in packets of 12.

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Additional Details


  • Size 1 (large): 29mm length
  • Size 6 (medium): 22mm
  • Size 8 (small): 19mm
  • Size 10 (x-small): 16mm