Spinners, Feathers and Daylights Set


This selection offers anglers everything they need to fish for predatory species around the UK such as pollock, coalfish, mackerel and bass. The selection consists of:

  • Silver Spinner with Red Attractor 30g x 1
  • Silver Spinner with Red Attractor 40g x 1
  • WSB Flasher Daylights (4-hook rig) x 1
  • WSB Colour Mackerel Feathers (3-hook rig) x 1
  • Plain Weights 1oz x 2

This set provides everything anglers need for summer lure fishing using light spinning rods at a discounted price compared to buying all of these products separately. See below for further details of the spinners and feathers included in this set.

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Additional Details

Sea Angling Shop Silver Spinner with Red Attractor 30g and 40g: These spinners are silver in colour and come fitted with an appropriately sized treble hook and additional red attractor blade. The streamlined shape means that they cast well and are ideal for targeting species such as pollock, coalfish and mackerel.

WSB Flasher Daylights: Daylights are popular with anglers fishing for species such as mackerel from the coastline of the UK. These high-quality WSB Tackle daylights are made from bright white and reflective silver material meaning they will attract predatory fish. Four daylights are fitted to the rig.

WSB Mackerel Feathers: These are traditional-style mackerel manufactured by WSB Tackle. A rig containing three different coloured feathers fitted to size 1/0 hooks is included.

1oz Plain Weights: Simple 1oz bomb-shaped weights which are used for adding casting weight to the feathers and daylights.