Spinners and Feathers Set


This selection offers anglers everything they need to fish for predatory species around the UK such as mackerel, pollock, coalfish and bass. The selection consists of:

  • Razor Claw Flying Fish Spinner 29g (1oz) x 2
  • Razor Claw Silver Blade Wedge Lure 28g (1oz) x 1
  • Trace Builder Seafleck Daylights x 2
  • Trace Builder Mackerel Feathers (3 hook rig) x 1
  • Plain Weights 2oz x 1
  • Plain Weights 1oz x 2

This set allows anglers using spinning and lure fishing rods to get out fishing straight away and offers a discounted price compared to buying all of these products separately. See below for further details of the spinners and feathers included in this set.

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Additional Details

Razor Claw Flying Fish Spinner (28g): This is a Toby shaped spinner manufactured by Razor Claw which can be used to catch mackerel as well as other species. They are a classic design which has been used to catch fish for generations. Please note that a randomly coloured Flying Fish spinner will be sent out.

Razor Claw Silver Blade Lure (28g): This is a high quality wedge shaped fishing lure which can be used to catch any predatory species found around the British Isles.

Trace Builder Seafleck Daylights: These are one of our best selling products and consist of four bright sliver daylights on size 2/0 hooks.

Trace Builder Mackerel Feathers (3 hook rig): This set of feathers on 2/0 hooks are ideal for catching mackerel, although larger species such as pollock will also go for them.

1oz and 2oz Plain Weights: The weights included in this set allow anglers to use the above feather and daylights straight away.