Spinners and Feathers Set


This selection offers anglers everything they need to fish for predatory species around the UK. The selection consists of:

  • Razor Claw Silver Minnow Spinner 28g x 2
  • Razor Claw Silver Minnow Spinner 40g x 2
  • Razor Claw Silver Minnow Spinner 60g x 2
  • Trace Builder Mackerel Feathers (3 hook rig) x 3
  • Plain Weights 2oz x 1
  • Plain Weights 1oz x 2

This set allows anglers using spinning and lure fishing rods to get out fishing straight away and offers a discounted price compared to buying all of these products separately. See below for further details of the spinners and feathers included in this set.

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Additional Details

Razor Claw Silver Minnow Spinners: These are one of our best selling products and six are supplied in three different sizes (28 gram, 40 gram and 60 gram) with this set. They can be used to catch predatory species found around the UK such as mackerel, pollock, coalfish and bass, and their streamlined design allows good casting distances to be reached.

Trace Builder Mackerel Feathers: These rigs contain three feathers fitted to a size 2/0 hook on each rig and are ideal for catching mackerel during the summer months. One 2oz and two 1oz plain weights are also included to allow anglers to use the feathers straight away.