WSB Silver Wedge Spinners


These Silver Wedge Spinners from WSB Tackle are ideal all-round spinners for lure fishing in UK waters and will catch bass, pollock, coalfish and mackerel. The classic wedge shape casts well and the distinctive action as it is drawn through the water attracts the attention of predatory fish.

These spinners are bright silver and feature a holographic scale pattern sticker which reflects light and provides an additional attractant to fish. These spinners are available in four sizes. The smallest 14 gram (0.5 oz) size are designed for anglers targeting smaller species with light spinning rods. The 28 gram (1 oz) is designed for all-round spinning and lure fishing, while the 42 gram (1.5 oz) and 56 gram (2 oz) can be used by anglers using bass rods to cast maximum distances.

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Additional Details

Spinner Weight Spinner Length Treble Hook Size
14 gram (0.5 oz) 4.5cm / 1.75 inches #6
28 gram (1 oz) 5.5cm / 2.1 inches #4
42 gram (1.5 oz) 6.5cm / 2.5 inches #2
56 gram (2 oz) 7cm / 2.75 inches #1