Razor Claw Silver Minnow Spinner – 60g


These Silver Minnow Spinners are manufactured by Razor Claw. Bright silver in colour with red eye detail, these lures are designed to catch fish such as mackerel although they are strong and tough enough to handle larger fish such as bass or pollock.

These spinners are silver in colour with scale-effect pattern and eye detail. Spinners supplied complete with a swivel, treble hooks and split rings, meaning they are ready to use straight out of the packet. One of our best-selling products, these spinners are ideal for lure fishing across the British Isles.

Currently available in 60 gram weight only.

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Additional Details

60 gram (2ΒΌ oz) Silver Minnow Spinner

  • Length: 9cm
  • Treble hook size: 2
  • Split rings and swivel included: Yes