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This selection contains sea fishing hooks in a range of sizes and patterns, covering all situations which will be encountered when fishing around the British Isles. There are seventy hooks included in the set, in sizes ranging from 4 to 4/0. See full details below.

Supplied in a pocket-sized compact clip-shut box.

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Additional Details

This set contains the following:

Manufacturer and pattern Size Number in set
Cronus Baitholder Hooks 2/0 20
Angling Works Circle Hooks 1 5
Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks 4/0 5
Cronus Dark Nickel O’Shaughnessy Hooks 3/0 10
Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks 4 10
Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks 2/0 20

Cronus Baitholder Hooks are medium wire hooks with additional barbs on the shank preventing baits – especially lugworm and ragworm – from sliding down the hook and covering the point. Size 2/0 are included in this set.

Angling Works Circle Hooks are also included with this set in size 1. Circle hooks are becoming increasingly popular all around the UK due to their self-hooking properties. When using circle hooks there is no need to strike in the traditional manner. Instead, simply reel in normally and the hook will slide to the edge of the mouth of the fish where it will become firmly hooked. Circle hooks are ideal for anglers practising catch-and-release fishing and look set to increase in popularity across the UK.

Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks are slightly heavier gauge than black Aberdeen hooks, making them a good choice for targeting larger species such as bass, rays and cod. Size 2/0 and 4/0 hooks are included in this set to cover a range of fishing situations.

Cronus Dark Nickel O’Shaughnessy Hooks are strong, heavy wire hooks which are designed for fishing for larger species such as pollock and cod. They are included in this set in size 3/0.

Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hooks are a relatively fine wire hook which is designed for good bait presentation. Size 4 are supplied for anglers fishing for smaller species.