Rapture Shore Gun Sinking Plugs


Rapture Shore Gun Sinking Plugs are a premium range of plugs which are ideal for fishing for predatory fish around the British Isles. They feature a moving weight system which transfers weight within the lure. This means that the weight is shifted to the tail of the lure to aid casting and then moves to the centre of the lure during retrieval to give the plug a realistic swimming action.

These lures are 11cm (4¼ inches) in length and weigh a total of 33 grams (just over one ounce). They feature a high-quality reflective design, 3D eyes and a full wire reinforced body. These plugs are supplied with split rings, treble hooks and an additional set of conventional hooks included.

Sold individually at £7.49 each.

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Additional Details

  • Length: 11cm (4¼ inches)
  • Weight: 33 grams (approx. 1¼ oz)
  • Hooks included: Two size #4 treble hooks (plus an additional set of two size 1/0 semi-circle hooks and split rings).