Palaemon Lumi Mini Spinner


These spinners are manufactured by Palaemon. They are small spinners and designed to work with light spinning and LRF (Light Rock Fishing) rods, and can be used to catch species such as mackerel, herring and other small species from breakwaters, piers and rock marks. The spinners are a pale luminous colour and can be successfully used during daylight. However, exposing the spinners to a source of light (such as a torch) will cause them to emit a green glowing colour. This can prove extremely effective when fishing at night, or when fishing during daylight hours in deep or murky water.

These spinners weigh 13 grams and are fitted with a treble hook and feather, as well as a swivel. Sold in packets containing an individual spinner.

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Additional Details

  • Pack size: 1 spinner
  • ¬†Dimensions:
    • Length: 65mm, Width: 13mm
  • Weight: 13 grams (approx. ¬Ĺ oz
  • Treble hook size: 6
  • Swivel included: Yes
  • Place of manufacture: China