Nomura Real Fish Floating Plugs


Nomura Real Fish Floating Plugs are high quality fishing lures which are ideal for catching bass, although they will also catch other species found around the UK such as pollock. These plugs work at the surface of the water with the distinctive colour designs and internal rattle attracting predatory fish to the lures. At 41.8 grams (just under 1 ½ oz) they are relatively heavy which means that they can be cast long distances with bass rods and longer spinning rods. They are 14.5 cm (just under 6 inches) in length and come in four designs (which are detailed below) and are fitted with three side 1 silver Japanese treble hooks.

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Additional Details

  • Black Dot Natural Fish – Black/dark blue back with black spots, yellow/orange sides and underside with red/black eyes.
  • Iridescent Rainbow – Dark back with iridescent rainbow pattern sides and bright pink underside with green eyes.
  • Green/yellow Tiger Pattern – Black back with green fading to yellow/pale orange underside. Wavy silver vertical stripes along flanks and red eyes.
  • Green/white Holographic Ghost – Dark back with light green sides fading to white underside. An internal holographic pattern is visible through the translucent body and the eyes are gold/black.