Koike Bass System Lure


Koike Bass System Lures are specifically designed to catch medium to large bass, as well as other species which can grow to larger sizes such as pollock and coalfish. These lures are made up of a weighted metal head which is covered with blue/silver reflective material and is fitted to a soft, lifelike jelly eel body which has a realistic swimming action. They are 13cm (5 inches) in length, weigh 30 grams (just over 1oz) and are fitted with a strong size 4/0 hook.

These lures are excellent for anglers fishing for larger species around the British Isles and the weight of these lures means they can be successfully cast with bass rods or heavier spinning rods. Sold individually.

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Additional Details

  • Length: 13cm (5 inches)
  • Weight: 30 grams (approx. 1oz)
  • Hook size: 4/0
  • Colour: Blue/silver