Koike Bait Elastic


Koike Bait Elastic is ideal for anglers using larger or delicate baits which require securing to the hook. This stretchy bait thread ensures that baits stay on the hook during casting, when impacting with the water and when baits are on the seabed and subject to strong tides.

Two varieties are available. Standard is used for big baits meant for larger species such as cod, rays or big bass. It can be used to secure large cocktail baits such as those made up of mussel, squid and black lugworm and is particularly useful to use attach baits to pennell rigs. Extra fine is designed to be used with delicate baits such as peeler crab or soft shellfish baits and is best to use with smaller hooks when good bait presentation is important.

Strong and stretchy with low visibility when in the water this bait thread is ideal for UK anglers. Sold individually and priced at £1.79 per spool.

We also sell dispensers for this bait elastic which are available by clicking here.

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