Koike Awol Weighted Eels (Large, Pack of 3)


Koike Awol Weighted Eels are large jelly lures which are designed for catching large species such as bass, pollock and coalfish. They are effective when fishing from rocky areas with weed cover where large predatory fish are likely to be present, and they can also be used for boat fishing.

These lures weigh 30 grams, meaning they can be cast a good distance, and have a realistic swimming action that will attract the attention of larger fish. Each lure is 14cm (just under 6 inches) long and is fitted with an extra-strong size 4/0 hook.

Sold in packets containing three separate lures and available in four colour choices.

A smaller version of this lure is available by clicking here.

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Additional Details

Colour choice from:

  • Clear/Black Stripe/Red Tail
  • Orange and Yellow
  • Red Spot
  • White