Kamasan B950u Uptide Hooks (Packets)


Kamasan B950U Uptide hooks have proved immensely popular with anglers looking for a strong and reliable hook. They have an extra-strong forged bronze design with a chemically etched needle point and a full barb, meaning they work well with a range of baits such as worms, peeler crab, mackerel strip and squid. Ideal for fishing for larger species such as bass and rays, or winter fishing in harsh conditions for big cod, these hooks do not let anglers down.

Available in the following sizes and quantities: Size 1 (ten hooks per packet), 1/0 and 2/0 (seven hooks per packet), 3/0 (six hooks per packet) and 4/0 (five hooks per packet). All are priced at £2.49 per pack.

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