Cronus Weak Link Clips


Cronus Weak Link Clips (also know as rotten bottoms) are a simple and effective way of creating rigs for fishing rough ground marks where tackle losses are likely to be high. The weight rests in the clip with a weak link of line attaching the weight to the rest of the rig. This allows the rig to be cast out successfully, but once it rests on the seabed the weight is attached by only the weak link, allowing it to break off easily if it becomes snagged. This may sound complicated but the clickable diagram to the left shows how simple and effective this set up is. Please note that when using weak link clips like this only simple overhead casts should be performed, and not power/pendulum casts.

Supplied in packets of 10 or 25.

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Additional Details


  • Height: 12mm
  • Width: 6mm