Cronus Solomon Deep Diving Plugs


These Cronus Solomon Deep Diving plugs have an oversized diving vane which means that they get down into deeper water quickly. They have a wide, aggressive action which means they catch the attention of predatory species such as pollock and coalfish and are especially good for bass. These plugs have an internal rattle, which creates noise and vibration and realistic eye detail.

They are 15cm long, weigh 16 grams (approx.) and come fitted with two size 4 bronzed treble hooks. Available in two colour variations: blue mackerel and green/black/white

These plugs are sold individually and priced at £4.39.

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Additional Details

  • Type: Single piece plug
  • Length: 15cm (inc. diving vane)
  • Weight: 16 grams (approx.)
  • Hooks: Two treble hooks
  • Hook size: 4