Cronus Paria Shallow Diving Mini Plugs


Cronus Paria Shallow Diving Plugs are small plugs (6.5cm / 2½ inches long) which are designed to catch predatory species such as pollock, coalfish and of course bass. They stay on and around the surface as they are reeled in with their tight wobble action combining with the internal rattle to resemble an injured or struggling preyfish.

Each plug is 6.5cm long in total and weighs 12 grams. They are fitted with two size 6 carbon steel treble hooks and split rings. These plugs feature reflective eye detail and are made with high quality ABS plastic construction and coated colour designs. Sold individually with a choice of four colours available.

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Additional Details

  • Length:            6.5cm / 2½ inches
  • Weight:            12g / ½oz (approx)
  • Hooks:             Two size 6 carbon steel treble hooks

Colour choice from:

  • Black Spot – Red mouth and eyes, black back with silver sides with black spot and orange underside.
  • Red Head – Dark metallic red head and mouth, silver body.
  • Tiger – Red mouth and eyes, black back with gold sides with black zigzag stripes and silver underside
  • Tropic – Red mouth and eyes, black back with green sides and black zigzag stripes and yellow/orange underside.