Cronus Mini 6.3cm Jelly Eels with Hooks (Pack of 5)


Cronus Mini Jelly Eels are designed for anglers fishing for smaller species around the coast of the UK. They can be used to catch species such as wrasse as well as smaller mackerel, pollock and coalfish.

These lures are 6.3cm long and have a realistic action when drawn through the water which is sure to attract the attention of predatory fish. They are available in four different colours (see below) and come complete pre-fitted with size 4 silver Aberdeen hooks. Sold in packets containing five individual jelly eels.

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Additional Details

  • Colours available:
    • Purple sparkle
    • Blue glitter
    • Red sparkle
    • Yellow sparkle
  • Length: 63mm / 2½ inches
  • Hook size: 4
  • Pack quantity: 5