Cronus Flounder Spoon


This flounder spoon is ideal for catching flatfish species, such as plaice, Dover sole and of course flounder, from sandy beaches. The product consists of a silver flounder spoon attached to a length of clear monofilament fishing line which is fitted with four 8mm beads. The line terminates in either a size 1 Cronus Black Aberdeen hook or a size 2 Cronus Flatfish hook.

When the hook is baited with a ragworm or similar bait and reeled slowly over a sandy seabed the spoon will move and revolve, reflecting light and kicking up sand and sediment from the seabed. This – along with the visual attraction of the beads – attracts inquisitive flatfish species and is a much more effective technique than using bait alone.

Sold in individually priced at £1.79.

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Additional Details

  • Spoon size:
    • Length: 62mm / 2 ½ inches
    • Width: 30mm / 1 ? inches
  • Hook size: Size 1 Cronus Black Aberdeen or Cronus Size 2 Flatfish Hook
  • Bead diameter: 8mm