Hengjia Coral Floating Plugs


These Hengjia Coral Floating Plugs are designed for anglers targeting predatory fish such as pollock, coalfish and of course bass. They feature a streamlined casting shape, effective colour designs and have European made VMC treble hooks. Each plug is 12cm in length, weighs 17.5 grams, features red eye detail and is fitted with three treble hooks. These plugs work at and near the surface of the water and feature an internal rattle to create noise and vibration, making them ideal for catching predatory species.

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Additional Details

Colour choice is from:

  • Rainbow – Pink back, white underside with pink/yellow/blue sides
  • Bright fish -Yellow back, white underside with silver reflective sides with pink pattern
  • Red head – Red head section with silver reflective body
  • Green mackerel – Black back, white underside with green sides with gold pattern
  • Blue herring – Blue back with white/translucent scale pattern sides with black spot and orange underside

Additional details:

  • Type: Single section plug
  • Length: 12cm
  • Weight: 17.5 grams (approx.)
  • Hooks: Three VMC treble hooks (made in France)
  • Hook size: 4
  • Place of plug manufacture: China