Cronus Budget Jelly Worm Set


This set contains light jelly lures which are ideal for catching the smaller species found around the coastline of the UK, such as small wrasse and coalfish, gurnard and various mini species. These lures can be cast with LRF (Light Rock Fishing) rods or extra weight can be added with a drilled bullet or barrel weights to allow these lures to be cast with heavier spinning rods.

This set contains forty-five separate items including jig heads, mini shads and jelly worms making it excellent value – see below for a full list of everything included in this set.

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Additional Details

Set contains:

Jig Heads

Colour Number Weight Hook size
Yellow Jig Heads x 5 3.5g #2
Bare Metal Jig Heads x 5 1.5g #4

Jelly Lures

Colour/type Number Length
White Mini Shad x 5 4.5cm
Yellow Jelly Worm x 5 4.5cm
White Jelly Worm x 5 4.5cm
Green/Yellow Lure x 10 5cm
Orange/Yellow Lure x 10 5cm