Cronus Bronze Flatfish Hooks


Cronus Bronze Flatfish Hooks are designed for anglers specifically targeting species such as plaice, flounder and dab. They have a small gape and bend which allows the hook to fit into the small mouth of flatfish, while the long shank facilitates ease of removing the hook from the mouth of the fish and provides better bait presentation, especially with worm baits.

These hooks are made from high carbon steel and have a bronzed finish. They have a medium barb and medium wire, meaning they have the strength to handle any larger fish which may take the bait, and also feature a turned down eye design.

Ideal for anglers specifically targeting flatfish, these hooks are available in sizes 6, 4, 2 and 1 (please see the secondary picture for the exact dimensions of these hooks) and come in packets of ten. Please note that the shade of bronze of these hooks may vary from bronze to gold due to the manufacturing process.

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