Cronus Black Nickel Swivels (Packs of 20)


Cronus Black Nickel Swivels are a high-quality sea fishing swivel which can be used for constructing rigs or attaching spinners and lures to line. They have a rolling design with round eyes and strong construction, meaning that these swivels have a high breaking strain and can withstand the rigours of sea fishing around the British Isles. We believe that these swivels offer high quality at an extremely competitive price.

Size 1 can be used for the top swivel of rigs, size 4 and 6 for snoods/hooklengths and the smallest size 8 can be used for delicate LRF rigs.

Sold in packets of 20 swivels, or buy one packet of all four sizes at a 15% discount.

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Additional Details

Size Length (mm) Breaking Strain
#1 20mm 47kg / 103lb
#4 13.5mm 35kg / 77lb
#6 12mm 30kg / 66lb
#8 10mm 19kg / 41lb