Baikal Power Worm Packets


These Power Worms are made by Hengjia and are ideal for light lure fishing and LRF (Light Rock Fishing). They are imitation sandworm/ragworms in a red/brown colour which have a realistic action when pulled through the water. When fitted to a small hook and dragged along the seabed they will attract the attention of a huge range of species from mini species such as rockling, blennies and gobies to larger species such as dab, flounder, plaice, pouting, whiting and cod. Alternatively, these Power Worms can be fitted to jig heads or other weights and used like a traditional lure where the will be taken by species such as pollock, coalfish and wrasse.

Each Power Worm is 13.5cm long by approximately 5mm wide. They are supplied in resalable packets containing ten worms, making this product extremely good value.

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