Angling Works Circle HooksAngling Works Circle Hooks

Angling Works Hi-Carbon Circle Hooks


Angling Works Circle Hooks are a quality circle hook, made with hi-carbon darkened nickel and designed for UK sea fishing. Circle hooks are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK due to the unique self-hooking properties this pattern offers.

Circle hooks have been used for a long time by commercial long-line fishermen who set thousands of baited hooks in the sea and obviously need the fish to become self hooked. This has transferred to shore angling where circle hooks are used in the same way – once a bite registers anglers simply have to give the fish time to take the bait into its mouth and then reel in (importantly without striking) and the fish will hook itself on the circle hook. Furthermore, as the circle hook slides to the edge of the mouth of the fish before it sets it means that the vast majority (90%+) of fish caught with circle hooks are lip hooked.

Available in packets of ten in sizes 1, 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0.

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