AllBlue Softbait Jelly Eel Lures (Twin Pack)


AllBlue Softbaits are a lure which is made up of a metal head and jelly eel body. The painted metal head section features realistic eye detail and is fitted with a size 2/0 silver Aberdeen hook. The jelly eel body produces a realistic swimming action when these lures are pulled through the water.

These lures are 12cm long and weigh 21 grams (¾ oz). They are ideal for catching all predatory species found in UK waters, including bass, pollock, mackerel and coalfish. Colours available are red head, silver sparkle, blue sparkle and gold sparkle. Sold in twin packs containing two lures.

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Additional Details

  • Length: 12 cm / 4¾ inches
  • Weight: 21 grams / ¾oz (approx.)
  • Hook size: 2/0
  • Place of manufacture: China