AllBlue Softbait Jelly Eel Lures (Twin Pack)


AllBlue Softbaits are a lure which is made up of a metal head and jelly eel body. The painted metal head section features realistic eye detail and is fitted with a size 2/0 silver Aberdeen hook. The jelly eel body produces a realistic swimming action when these lures are pulled through the water.

These lures are 12cm long and weigh 21 grams (¾ oz). They are ideal for catching all predatory species found in UK waters, including bass, pollock, mackerel and coalfish. Colours available are: red head, silver sparkle, blue sparkle and now luminous. Sold in twin packs containing two lures.

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Additional Details

  • Length: 12 cm / 4¾ inches
  • Weight: 21 grams / ¾oz (approx.)
  • Hook size: 2/0
  • Place of manufacture: China