Ordering & Payment

How to Order

It is easy to order from Sea Angling Shop. Browse through our product list on the right, and when you are ready to order products simply add them to your cart. Products which have variations (i.e. size, weight or colour) have a drop-down menu which you can use to choose the exact product you need. You can continue shopping and navigate around the website and add different products to your cart. This website uses real-time stock control so the number available is the number we have in stock at that time. Once you are happy with what you have ordered you can review your purchase on the cart page and then proceed to checkout where you can choose your postage option and pay. An email will be sent to your inbox to confirm your purchase.

Payment Options

Pay with PayPal: We support paying via PayPal. If you choose to pay in this way you will leave Sea Angling Shop and be taken to PayPal’s website where you can log in to your PayPal account and pay for your products. With 200 million active accounts worldwide PayPal is one of the most popular ways of paying for goods and services in the world. Indeed, around 16 million people in the UK have a PayPal account, making this service bigger than most British banks.

Pay with debit or credit card: To pay using your card simply select this option on the checkout page. You will then be prompted to input your debit/credit card details. Payments are processed by WooCommerce payments which is powered by Stripe, a payment gateway company which has millions of customers across the world and handles billions of pounds of transactions annually. Sea Angling Shop is a secure site (as proved by the padlock image present in the browser address bar) and uses an SSL certificate to encrypt card details, meaning you can shop with confidence.

Apple Pay and Google Wallet: Customers with compatible devices who have signed up for Apple Pay and Google Wallet can pay using these express checkout methods. Once the required products have been selected go to either the cart page or checkout page and select a postage option. Then simply click on the Apple Pay or Google Pay icons to purchase the items. As address information is already stored in Apple Pay/Google Wallet there is no need to complete the address form and the order is processed instantly.