Free Products When You Buy From Us

Spend over £20 and a free packet of five swivels will be included in your order. These swivels may be rolling swivels, barrel swivels or diaround swivels and the size of the swivels may vary.

Spend over £50 and receive a free packet of Max Performance Aberdeen Hooks. These hooks can be used for all-round sea fishing and are ideal for use with worm, crab and shellfish baits. The size of the hooks will vary between 4 and 3/0 and the number of hooks included in the pack will depend on the size of the hooks. This product will be included with all orders over £50.

Spend over £100 and a free Lineaeffe plug lure will be included in your order. These lures are 13cm long and weigh 15 grams and are part of Lineaffe’s Predator Master Series. Perfect for targeting predacious species such as bass, pollock and coalfish, these plugs are ideal for anglers lure fishing around the British Isles. Please note: the exact colour of the Lineaeffe plug may vary from the picture above.

The cost of the product and the postage are added together to calculate the qualifying amount, so buying £17.27 worth of products and paying £3.29 for postage and packaging would reach the qualifying amount for the £20 free product.

You do not have to do anything to have the free gifts included in your order – they will be automatically included with all orders reaching the qualifying amounts. Please note: orders will only qualify for a single one of the free products above.