WSB Jelly Worm Set


This WSB Jelly Worm Set consists of seventeen individual jelly lures in seven different designs. These lures weigh between 8 and 16 grams and can be cast with light spinning rods. Extra weight can be added to the lures with drilled bullet or tube weights allowing them to be cast longer distances with spinning or bass rods.

The action that these lures impart tempts many predatory fish to attack, and with size 1 and size 1/0 hooks being fitted these lures can be used to catch a range of species such as mackerel, pollock, coalfish, gurnard, bass and wrasse.

This set is supplied ready to use with the jellyworms already fitted to the jig heads and presented in an attractive blister pack. Please note: actual jelly worms supplied may vary slightly in colour from those displayed in the picture.

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