Shakespeare Wedge Lure Set (Set of 4)Shakespeare Wedge Lure Set (Set of 4)

Shakespeare Wedge Lure Set (Set of 4)


These Shakespeare Wedge Lures are part of their Devil’s Own range and are ideal for sea fishing. The set contains four 21 gram (¾ oz) wedge lures (see colours below) which come complete with size 2 treble hooks, split rings and silver barrel swivels already fitted, meaning these wedge lures are ready to use straight out of the packet. The streamlined shape of these lures means they can be cast a good distance, and their action in water makes them ideal for targeting mackerel, as well as larger species such as bass, pollock and coalfish.

These sets are sold for up to £8.99 with other retailers, and are available here for only £5.99 per set.

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Additional Details

All of these wedge lures are made from highly reflective chrome silver with the following colour added:

  • Holographic red x 1
  • Holographic gold x 1
  • Holographic silver x 1
  • Plain silver x 1