PE 20lbs Braided Line


Braided fishing line is becoming increasingly popular in sea angling due to its non-stretch nature which increases bite detection and its ultra-low diameter which increases casting distance.

This line is made with polymer/polyethylene (PE) fibres which are bound together to make a four-strand braided line. The line is white in colour and is just 0.18mm in diameter, and yet still has a breaking strain of 20lbs. Strong and durable, this line has near zero stretch and the low diameter means that longer casting distances are easier to achieve.

Supplied on a 300 metre spool this line can be used with spinning outfits, or used on full-sized beachcasting setups (with a monofilament leader). Read more about braided line on the British Sea Fishing website by clicking here.

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  • Color: White
  • Material: Polymer-polyethylene fibre
  • Diameter: 0.18mm
  • Strands: 4
  • Spool length: 300metres / 328 yards
  • Breaking strain: 20lb / 9kg
  • Place of manufacture: China