Lixada Luminous Plug


These luminous diving plugs are manufactured by Lixada in China and are sure to be popular with UK anglers. The luminous design means that they will be noticed by predatory fish, even in murky or coloured water. Each plug is 8cm long and weighs approximately 10 grams, and the diving vane at the front of these plugs  means that they will submerge as they are reeled in. They also feature reflective eye detail, red throat design and fish scale pattern.

Sold individually.

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Additional Details

Additional details:

  • Type: Single piece plug
  • Colour: Lumi
  • Length: 8cm
  • Weight: 10 grams (approx.)
  • Hooks: Two treble hooks
  • Front swivel and split ring included: No
  • Hook size: 6
  • Place of manufacture: China