Single Hook Flapping Rig

Single Hook Flapping Rig


This is a simple, strong rig designed for all round fishing. The single hook can be selected from size 1/0 or 2/0 Cronus Black Aberdeen hooks, or the slightly larger and stronger size 3/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen. The single hook flapping design is a great all-round rig, and one of the most commonly used in UK sea fishing and can produce fish from beaches, piers and rock marks.

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Additional Details

Complete list of components:

  • Trace Builder size 1 (large) rolling swivel x 1
  • Trace Builder size 6 (small) rolling swivel x 1
  • Cronus black rig crimps x 2
  • Cronus black rig beads x 2
  • Size 1/0 Cronus Black Aberdeen hook or size 2/0 Cronus Black Aberdeen hook or size 3/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen hook
  • Cronus teardrop link x 1
  • Gemini neoprene stop and Cronus rig sequin
  • Line Tech Classic 60lb rig body line (clear)
  • Sunset Amnesia 30lb snood line (clear)