Cronus Aral Silver Mini Spinner (7 gram)


These Cronus Aral Spinners are 7-gram lures which are small and designed for anglers using LRF (Light Rock Fishing) rods and other very light spinning rods to fish for small species from piers, breakwaters and rock marks. This type of LRF fishing is becoming increasingly popular around all of the UK and species such as small wrasse and other smaller species are often caught, although larger fish such as pollock and mackerel are also caught as well. Alternatively the treble hook fitted to these lures can be removed and replaced with a standard J-hook. These lures can then be baited and used as an attractor for species such as flounder, plaice and mullet. Sold individually.

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Additional Details

  • Weight: 7 gram / ¼ oz (approx.)
  • Colour: Plain silver
  • Hook size: 6
  • Hook type: Treble
  • Swivel included: No
  • Size: Length: 5cm, width: 1.2cm