Clipped Down Rough Ground Rig

Clipped Down Rough Ground Rig


This version of our rough ground rig features the addition of an impact shield which makes it ideal for anglers using larger baits to catch big fish over rough ground. Clipping down large baits prevents them from flailing around during the cast and tangling, and also helps to increase casting distance. This rig also features a Cronus Weak Link Clip which allows anglers to perform simple overhead casts safely (not pendulum/power casts) and yet allows the weight to break off from the rest of the rig if it becomes snagged. See the diagram for more details on how this works.

This rig is available with a choice of three hooks: a size 3/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen hook, a size 4/0 Cronus O’Shaughnessy or a size 4/0 Kamasan B940 Aberdeen hook.

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Additional Details

  • Trace Builder size 1 (large) rolling swivel x 1
  • Trace Builder size 6 (small) rolling swivel x 1
  • Cronus mini rig crimps x 2
  • Cronus black rig beads x 3
  • Size 3/0 Cronus Silver Aberdeen hook or size 4/0 Cronus O’Shaughnessy hook or size 4/0 Kamasan B940 Aberdeen hook
  • Impact shield x 1
  • Cronus weak link clip x 1
  • Gemini neoprene stop
  • Line Tech Classic 60lb rig body line (clear)
  • Sunset Amnesia 30lb snood line (clear)
  • 12lb weak link