New Products

Sea Angling Shop opened for business in July 2013, selling a wide range of sea fishing equipment including rods, reels, terminal tackle, clothing and accessories. We are constantly sourcing new products from different manufacturers to extend our range. When new products are added to our catalogue it will be added here.

March 2017

We have added a range of different lures to our product range this month. These include Cronus Twin Tail Jelly Lures, as well as the Lixada Luminous Plug, Cronus Azov Shallow Diving Plugs and packets of five Lixada Soft Lures. We also now sell a new rod, reel and line combination in the form of the Jing Pin 9ft 10in Telescopic Rod and Lixada Reel and new rods with the Victory Tora Telescopic Rods.

February 2017

This month we have added two new rigs to our range. The Two Hook Plaice Rig is specifically designed to catch flatfish, while the Lumi Rig utilises luminous beads to attract fish to the rig in murky water or when night fishing. We have also added a new line of spinners with the WSB Fisheye Lure.

December 2016

We have added a number of products to our range this month. These include a new item of terminal tackle in the form of Cronus Simple Links which are a great way of attaching weights or lures to the end of a line. We also have added a new line of Mini Terminal Tackle Boxes which are ideal for storing all manner of hooks, links, swivels and beads when fishing. We have also added Trace Builder 8¼ Inch Float Kits which complement the two smaller sizes of float kit we already sell. Finally we have also added Yuelong Telescopic Spinning Rods in two different sizes.

November 2016

This month we have added Split Ring Pliers to our range. These can (obviously) be used for opening split rings, but also for cutting line.

July 2016

This month we have added a new high quality set of plugs in the form of Cronus Coral Floating Plugs. Available in five different colours these plugs will prove ideal for fishing for bass and other predatory species such as pollock and coalfish. We have added new lure sets with our Daylight and Feather Selection which contains six sets of feathers and daylights and will prove good values for anglers looking to catch mackerel over the summer months.

June 2016

We have added a number of new products to our range this month. WSB Jelly Eels (Set of 12) offers great value with a blister pack of jelly eel lures available in six different colours. Other lures added this month include WSB Fishscale Slimline Spinners and Zebco Slayer Lures, both of which are sure to be popular with summer anglers targeting mackerel, bass, coalfish, pollock and other predatory species. We have also added Cronus Somov Silver Plugs which are ideal for bass fishing and available individually. Additionally, we now sell WSB Small Double Sided Tackle Boxes and our Drilled Bullet Weights are available in ½oz size. Finally we have added size 1 hooks to the Kamasan B940 Aberdeen Hooks and B950u Uptide Hooks which we sell.

May 2016

We now sell Cronus 8mm Holographic Sequins. These sequins are highly reflective and can be used as combined bait stops and attractors, especially for species of flatfish such as plaice.

February 2016

This month has seen us add a number of new products. We now sell Cronus 6.3cm Mini Jelly Lures which come complete with pre-fitted hooks and are ideal for fishing for the smaller species around the British coastline. We have also added WSB Spinners and Delta Rod Lite Batteries to our catalogue. These 28 gram (1 ounce) spinners are ideal for general all-round lure fishing and come in a choice of three colours. We also now sell Kamasan B940 Aberdeen Hooks in packets.

November 2015

We now sell Kamasan B950u Uptide Hooks in packets. These are hooks for all round sea fishing and are available in sizes 1/0 to 4/0. Have also added Cronus Black Nickel Swivels. These are extremely high quality rolling swivels which are sold in extra value packets of twenty.

August 2015

This month we have expanded out spinner range with the Cronus Atlantic Spinners. These are toby-style spinners which come in 30g weights and are bright silver, meaning they are attractive to all manner of predatory fish. They are available singly and in extra-value multi-buy offers which will save anglers even more money. We have also added the Sea Tech Disgorger which is ideal for removing hooks from all manner of fish which are caught around the UK and even comes with a clip so it can be attached to a belt for easy access while fishing. In addition we now sell Lineaeffe Crystal Minnow Plugs which come in silver and yellow and are ideal for catching bass and a range of other species. Finally we have also added the I’d Rather Be Fishing Mug which makes a great novelty gift for anglers.

July 2015

A number of new product lines have been added to our range this month. We now sell a great value telescopic rod in the form of the SR 6ft 9in Rod. We have also added a new Breakaway product in with their Universal Lead Lifts, a products which will appeal to anglers who fish rough and snaggy ground. We now also stock WSB’s Flounder Spoons, Traditional Mackerel Spinners and a new Cronus line with their exceptionally good value Cascade Swivels.

June 2015

This month has seen Cronus Pulley Beads added to our stock list. Starting at just 59p for a packet of five, and going up to only £2.49 for a packet of thirty we believe that these pulley beads offer exceptional value which beats many other manufacturers on both price and quality. We have also added Cronus 6.5cm Shads which come in a range of five different vibrant colours and will prove effective for catching predatory fish.

May 2015

This month has seen us add a substantial number of new products to our catalogue. With the Summer lure fishing season coming up we have added the Mustad Red Mackerel/Pollock Feather Trace and the Shakespeare Wedge Lure Set. We have also added Cronus American Snaps, Cronus Jelly Lure Hooks and Trace Builder Floats which are available individually in 4¾-inch and 6½-inch sizes.

April 2015

We have added a new line of Stainless Steel Line Clippers and Fladen 12lb Clear Monofilament which is ideal as a mainline or to fill up spinning reels.

March 2015

A number of new products have been added to our range this month. We are pleased to announce that the Cronus range of plugs has been expanded with Somov Jointed Plugs now available in sets of three. We have also expanded our range of line with PE 20lb Braided Line now available, and also sell a new range of luminous spinners with the Palaemon Mini Lumi Spinners.

February 2015

This month we have added Amnesia snood in black colour with 20lb and 30lb breaking strains available. We now also sell Cardoc Wire Tope Traces which are ideal for targeting shark species and large conger eels. As well as this we have recently added two new lighting products to our catalogue. We now sell the one of the best value disposable tip lights with the Ocean Sun Pack of Five Chemical Light Sticks now available.

January 2015

We have expanded our range this month with a number of new products. A new line of accessories have been added such as Kenley Foldaway Line Nippers. In addition we have added a line of new lures: the world famous Red Gill Rascal Jelly Eels. We now also sell a new full-sized beachcasting reel with the Lineaeffe Silk Line 70FD Reel.

November 2014

November has seen us add a new line to our hook range with WSB Tackle’s Crab Hooks now available in sizes 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0. These hooks have a wide gape which means (as the name implies) they are particularly suitable for using with peeler crab baits, although they are equally suitable to use with other large baits.

October 2014

This month we have expanded the range of Cronus Ready Made Rigs with a number of new rigs being added to our range. These rigs are:

These new rigs now mean that we sell fifteen different rigs to cover all types of fishing that UK anglers will encounter.

September 2014

We have expanded the range of hooks we sell by adding the Cronus Silver Aberdeen Hook to our range. These hooks are extremely high quality and are made of a slightly heavier gauge wire than our Black Aberdeens which means they can be used to target larger species. We now also sell Cronus Crimping Pliers which come complete with 100 Mini Crimps included. This month has also seen us add a new range of small Terminal Tackle Boxes which will prove useful to anglers all over the UK.

August 2014

New additions to our catalogue this month include new shockleader/rig body line with Fladen Hi-Vis Shockleaders now available. We have also added a new WSB Tackle Baseball Cap for summer fishing.

July 2014

This month has seen a number of new products . We now sell Trace Builder Rolling Swivels in diamond eye variation and also now offer Trace Builder 4¾ Inch Float Kits. We have also supplemented our range with other items such as 1oz Drilled Bullet Weights and we now also sell Plain Weights in 1oz and 2oz sizes.

May 2014

We are please to be able to announce four new Cronus lures in time for summer. The Cronus Sargasso Floating Plugs are floating lures which are designed to catch large predatory fish, especially bass. These plugs are high quality and feature three high quality treble hooks. They are available at the extremely competitive introductory price of just £4.99 for a set of four plugs. Cronus Salish Diving Plugs are set to be added to our range next month.

Cronus Caspian Spinners are light and slim lures, primarily designed for catching species such as mackerel, although they can also handle larger fish. They are 16 grams in weight and come in five different colours. We have also added a new line of mini spinners to our range which are ideal for light spinning and LRF (Light Rock Fishing) – the 7 gram Cronus Aral Spinner.

April 2014

April has seen the range of products we stock expanded considerably with over twenty new lines added to our range this month.We are pleased to announce that we now sell products from Breakaway. This brand is a famous name in UK sea fishing, having established a reputation for top quality terminal tackle over the last few decades. We stock the following Breakaway products:

As well as all of this we have also put together the Sea Angling Shop Rig Selection offering the opportunity to buy ten different rigs at a discounted price. We have also launched the Sea Angling Shop Complete Hook Selection which offers the chance to buy a set of sea fishing hooks in a range of sizes and patterns in a convenient clip-shut box.

March 2014

This month has seen a major expansion of the range of products we stock. We have expanded our collection of lures and spinners by stocking spinner packs manufactured by Storm. This new range includes Barracuda Heavy lures which come in a range of heavier sizes making them useful for anglers looking for heavier lures to cast longer distances, as well as Phantom lures and Piranha lures which are good choices for all round spinning and lure fishing. We now also sell Cronus Weighted Shads and Cronus Snapclips.

January 2014

We have just added the new Sea Angling Shop Component Box which offers anglers the chance to buy popular items of terminal tackle, all supplied in a convenient clip-shut box.

November 2013

This month we have expanded our Cronus Ready Made Rigs Range with three new products. A three hook flatfish rig, three hook scratching rig and a wishbone rig are all now available.

October 2013

This month we are pleased to announce that the Sea Angling Shop Complete Terminal Tackle Set is now available. Priced at £23.49 this set brings together seventeen separate products to create a complete set which provides everything anglers need to create a wide range of sea fishing rigs. In addition this month has seen numerous new articles added to our product catalogue. Our range of sea fishing lures has been expanded as we now have Cronus Jelly Eels 14cm and 8cm sizes on sale, as well as Cronus 6 inch Curl Tail Worms. In addition to this we have WSB plugs available in jointed 15cm designs. As well as as this we also now sell WSB Tackle Tapered Shock Leaders.

September 2013

New products added include accessories such as the Micro Head Lamp and Slider Booms.