Free Products When You Buy From Us

Spend over £20 and a free packet of five swivels will be included in your order. These swivels may be rolling swivels, barrel swivels or diaround swivels and the size of the swivels may vary.

Spend over £50 and receive a free packet of Cronus Bait Shields. This item of terminal tackle has long been popular with UK shore anglers and is used to clip down baits and improve both casting distance and bait presentation. A packet of four bait shields is included along with a section of rig tubing.

Spend over £100 and a free Kingdom Far Strike Sinking Lure will be included in your order. These extremely high quality lures have a reflective finish, 3D eyes and are fitted with strong split rings and size 4 treble hooks. These lures are 13.5cm long and weigh 32 grams (just over 1oz) meaning they can be cast long distances. They also have two separate attachment points for fishing line: the front gives the lure a straight and smooth action as it is pulled through the sea, while the upper attachment makes the lure have a much more jerky, side to side movement.  This product will be included in all orders which come to over £100.

The cost of the product and the postage are added together to calculate the qualifying amount, so buying £17.27 worth of products and paying £3.29 for postage and packaging would reach the qualifying amount for the £20 free product.

You do not have to do anything to have the free gifts included in your order – they will be automatically included with all orders reaching the qualifying amounts. Please note: orders will only qualify for a single one of the free products above.